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Plus Up Your Gym Bag Giveaway with Kellogg’s FiberPlus

Posted Sep 15 2010 5:00am

Disclosure: The cost of the “Plus Up” Your Gym Bag makeover for me and the upcoming winner was covered by Kellogg’s FiberPlus.

My gym bag - before

As I teased yesterday , I recently got the opportunity to “Plus Up” my gym bag from Kellogg’s FiberPlus . They gave me a coupon for a free box of FiberPlus bars and $75 in gift certificates to buy whatever else I wanted.

After putting off this makeover to the very last day and then reading Lanie’s comment that the bag “needs glitter,” I was momentarily tempted to run to Michael’s and spend $75 on a Bedazzler and glitter glue. Or I could have followed Lady Gaga’s lead and made myself a meat gym bag or meat sweat suit—made from lean cuts, of course.

Instead, I went to Target. I always end up buying stuff at Target that I didn’t know I needed. After cruising the aisles, this is what I threw in my cart:

Plus Up stuff

Yoga mat sling
I’ve always wanted a yoga mat sling. I like how cool the yoga people look with their mats slung over their shoulders like backpacks. But I could never justify spending $9.84 on a piece of string and Velcro. I told myself I should make one myself, but now I don’t have to, which allows me to cross one item off my long list of craft projects I shall never complete. (It’s listed right after “Bedazzle gym bag.”)

Earbud headphones (nice ones)
I hate earbud headphones. They feel funny. They fall out easily. They get all gross and waxy. However, I must admit that I look like the Queen of Dorkitude wearing these bulky headphones while I’m walking:

Dorky yet comfortable headphones

The ear pads absorb sweat, so they get kind gross too. Now I bought a pair of earbud headphones that are designed more like earplugs. They fit snug in my ear, don’t fall out, and don’t make me look like a dork. The covers are washable, too. I’ve always wanted to get a pair of these, but I was never going to spend $18.99 on them for fear I’d hate how they felt. Luckily they fit great!

Comfy earbud headphones

Sports watch
Finally, I got a new sports watch with lots of fancy sports functions, like memory recall, which I probably will never use but will enjoy knowing I could use if I wanted. It’s much smaller and cuter than my old watch, but again, I would never have splurged $39.99 on this when I could get my old watch at Big Lots for $5.00.

All together, that comes to $68.82. Add an additional 7.75% North Carolina sales tax and the grand total was: $74.16. Woot! Am I good, or what? I should totally be on The Price is Right. Of course, I also used my coupon to get a free box of FiberPlus bars. I went with the dark chocolate almond flavor and they were very tasty indeed. You can read about their nutritional information online .

Finally, here’s a shot of my gym bag now, all made over, though still lacking glitter:

Gym bag - after photo

Now you guys have a chance to “Plus Up” your gym bag. The official rules are available here (PDF) (I know! Official rules! So fancy!) Here’s the general gist: The contest starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, September 19, 2010. Only US citizens residents are eligible. (Sorry, foreigners! Give us your huddled masses, but not for giveaways.) You may enter by 1) commenting below stating why you need to “Plus Up” your gym bag or 2) sending a message on Twitter to @pastaqueen about why you need to Plus Up your gym bag and including the #plusup hashtag. I’ll announce a winner by Wednesday, September 22.

Good luck, everybody!

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