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Plumbing and the girl's Birthday

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:39pm
I'm still kind of in a funk. It's definitely better today but I still have work to do on myself. I don't think I talked about what happened with our rental plumbing issues. On Thursday Mike and Kevin dug up the pipe from the cottage to the septic and yep it was clogged and also busted. So they worked on it Thursday and Friday night till past dark replacing it. It seemed to be working fine on Saturday and we thought we had dodged another house issue bullet.

Well last night they came back over to let us know that the toilet was not working again. So Mike went over and after like a hour came back with a few ideas. So tonight will be spent trying to sort out the problem and I'm praying that it will all work out. I feel terrible that our great renters are spending their last weeks with us dealing with plumbing issues. I will do my best to compensate them though and let them know how good of renters they were and that we will miss them. Mike and I even talked about trying to stay friends with them after they move. They are good people.

Anyway, as for our bathroom stuff Mike and Kevin got the drain pipes all in and the concrete poured. I'm hopeful everything is correct and will work fine, with our house though who knows. I felt like my heart was in my chest most of the day yesterday waiting for something else to go wrong. This week after the cottage issues are solved Mike and Kevin will move on to building the walls in the bathroom and getting all the new plumbing pipes in. Maybe by the end of this weekend we will have a working toilet, that's my hope anyway.

As for me, I got up yesterday, got a turkey breast, carrots, potatoes and onions into the crockpot to cook and then went for my walk down my favorite road. It was cool and breezy and a beautiful sunny day. It felt really great getting out and walking. After I got back I just hung around the house. Then went outside with a book to sit in the sun and try to decompress. The renters came out (they were packing up some stuff to move to their new place) and they sat and talked awhile. Gosh how I need some real life friends. I'm really going to try hard to work on that this year. I think it's something I really need more of in my life.

Anyway, after our chat Marie asked if we could go play tennis. We haven't been in ages so I said ok. Nicholas decided he wanted to go too so we got the rackets out of the shed and headed to the park. I felt bad Kevin couldn't come with us but I know soon he will be able to once the darn bathroom is done.

When we got to the park I found myself kind of crabby but I really self talked myself till I was in a better mood. The kids were kind of crabby too but it was more because we totally stink at tennis and couldn't seem to hit the ball back and forth at all lol. Our record was 3 hits and that only happened once lol. It was soon clear we weren't playing tennis but rather chasing the balls and just serving lol. So the kids elected that we just go and play at the playground. I did go down the slide and climbed up and down everything and even swung on the swing.

After about a hour or so I asked if they wanted to take a walk to see the llamas. Two Springs ago I use to bring Nicholas for his soccer practice to that park and while he practiced I would walk down the road and see the llamas. There were 4 of them back then. So off we went down the road. I had remembered it being a good long walk to see the llamas but in just minutes it seemed we were rounding the corner to where the llamas were. There were 25 of them now, brown, black, tan and white one, two little baby ones too. We stood and talked to them and each other for a good long time. Then we headed back. I still couldn't believe how short of a walk it was.

The kids played on the playground some more and then we drove down the road to see how long it really was, it was only 1.2 miles to the llamas. When I would walk it I usually walked past the llamas but still I bet it was barely 2 miles round trip. I couldn't believe how that walk use to make me feel so tired and now I could walk 3 miles in the morning, play tennis, play on the playground and take a second walk too and not feel bad at all. That is really what this is all about for me. It's about being able to play with my kids and being healthy for all of us.

I don't know if I will make it into the 100's on Wednesday. I'm not going to worry about it anymore. I'm just going to continue doing the best I can and continue to make myself realize that I'm not perfect and that's ok. I need to focus on feeling happy and content and doing things that have meaning to me. I know this isn't a race.

Sunday is Marie's 8 th Birthday. She has decided she wants her party at the pool again this year. So tonight we will go buy some invitations and fill them out for her to give to her friends tomorrow at school. She's so excited about her Birthday that she makes sure to remind me at least 3 or more times a day lol. I guess I have some planning and buying to do this week. She wants a fish or 3 she said lol.

Oh goodness I remember the fish days. When Nicholas was about 3 he wanted fish so I bought him a 5 gallon aquarium and 2 fish. One died right away and the other shortly after. We finally figured out what we were doing wrong after several more fish. Nicholas seemed to think that his fish needed things to play with and would drop his gameboy games in the tank and playstation games, toy soldiers, all kinds of things. I soon realized that I really wasn't a fish person and after 4 yrs of me caring for the fish the last one finally kicked the bucket. So that was it for me, no more fish after that.

Then 4 summers ago (at the age of 8) Nicholas talked his grannie into buying him 2 aquatic frogs in Ocean City. The guy told us they would live about 6 months. 4 yrs later now we still have one survivor. It's funny how it seems the pets all become mine lol.I know me though, I'll buy the fish for Marie and we'll spend the next 4 yrs talking about "who's pets are these?" lol.

Today I'm eating well and looking forward to my walk tonight.

Till tomorrow...
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