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Please Don’t Start Trying to Diet Until You See How to Strengthen Your Goal To Stay On Your Diet

Posted Sep 14 2012 7:26am

You’ve set your goal to lose a lot of weight. You’ve even set your goal weight. Your plan is to get to your goal weight by dieting, and you’ve selected a diet. You’re ready to start. But don’t do it. Don’t start. Not yet.

Once you start, you will have another goal—to stay on your diet. So before you start your diet make sure you have a strong diet goal, one that enables you to stick to the diet. The hallmark of a strong goal is the ease with which you can identify the possibility of goal failure and then access what it takes for sticking to the diet.

The “have it when you need it” aspect of any goal is dependent on how firmly the goal is in your mind. How securely it is there to guide your actions and strategies that will fulfill the goal. In the case of staying on your diet, you will want to have the goal of staying on your diet readily available to you when you need it. This won’t be the case if you simply start dieting without making sure that the goal of sticking to the diet is strong enough.

You can strengthen a goal in lots of ways. Practice is one way; and it doesn’t have to be practice in just dieting. If you have had a lot of practice sticking to difficult regimens, you might be ready to call on the goal of sticking to difficult regimens when it comes to staying on your diet.  You can also strengthen a goal by planning different ways to implement it. You can think of various strategies as well, weight-loss strategies that will support your goal and give it the legs it needs to stand on.

In any case, you can see that goal strength—“I will indeed stick to my dieting plan”—is something that can prepare for. That’s why it’s important not to simply start dieting. If you’re going to stick to the diet, then you must have enough strength in your goal of sticking to it to make sure this goal is there for you when you need it.


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