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Playing Tennis

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:25pm

Yesterday I played tennis with NoCaloriesNeeded. I've never played tennis except for just hitting the ball around. I finally got where I could halfway serve(I'm a pretty quick learning when it comes to sports). I got smoked the first set, but by the second set I was catching on. I think by the second game I may have been able to compete a little; however, we weren't able to finish the second set. The wind was blowing really hard, I misjudged a high ball, backpeddled too fast, tried to reposition my feet and you can guess what happened. I broke my fall with my elbow. I swelled up like a tennis ball, and that ended my day. Through NCN's uncontrollable laughter, he did offer to carry me to the ER, but it wasn't that serious. I don't think I broke anything, because today, most of the swelling is gone. It's just really sore. We played for like an hour, and I got a great workout in. I'll be ready next week. Just keep this important fact in mind: YOU CAN'T RUN AS FAST BACKWARDS AS YOU CAN FORWARD!! YOU JUST MAKE YOURSELF LOOK CLUMSY AND STUPID!!

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