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Playground Workout - Variety Workout

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:18pm
When I feel like something a little more out of the ordinary than your usual workout, I like to head up the road to the local park and get in a great Aussie Fatblast style outdoors workout

There's a couple of great sets of playground equipment full of all different sorts of things that kids play on.

Maybe I'm just a big kid at heart but I love my playground workout when I get one in.

Just check out todays set:

Light bodyweight warm up of incline push ups and recline rows x 2 sets

Chin Ups or Pull Ups variations playing around with grip - close grip, wide grip, mixed grip you name it supersetted with Decline Push Ups

I knocked out 10 sets but let me confress that the rep total wasn't exactly 10 for every set (more like 5 for the last few rounds!) and the form wasn't exactly all the way down on the last couple of sets - although I did make up for it with holding at the top of the chin up and hanging at the bottom for 5 seconds each set.

Still a bloody hard workout and I can tell I'm gonna be sore tomorrow and the workout was only 3 hours ago!

Check it out for yourself - 15 minutes and that was it and I was puffed and sore.

No weights needed - just your own bodyweight and some playground equipment.

no more excuses for not working out.

Get to it and don't let fear hold you back...
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