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Playground Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises

Posted Jan 10 2011 6:01pm

Yesterday I got a great little workout in at one of the great training locations we’ve got here in Sydney.

It didn’t take long – less than 30 minutes including warm up and cool down time (and because my body needs a little bit of extra TLC due to all my old rugby injuries that included a good few mins loosening the back on my foam roller .

You do need a playground or workout area for this as I used a bar and a bench for these exercises.

#1) Chin Ups

If you can’t do a chin up with your own bodyweight definitely do the cheat version which I show you in the video demo below. I knocked out 10 reps.

#2) Decline Push Ups

Decline Push Ups are, without doubt, one of my favourite bodyweight exercises. Why? Because they work so much more than the normal areas that get worked during the standard push up.

Try cranking up your abs activation by about 100% as well as increased recruitment from all the other muscles that you feel burning and game on – you’ve got a tough exercise. I did 10 of these.

#3) Hanging Side Leg Raises

Now I don’t have a video of these unfortunately but basically you hang down from a bar (like a chin up bar) and lift your legs off the ground.

You then keep your legs as straight as you can (or if you’re back is not strong enough to do to the straight leg version bend your knees and tuck your knees up to your chest) and lift them up to one side (approx 45 degree angle away from your body), lower the legs and repeat on the other side. I did 5 on each side – 10 total.

#4) Hill Sprint

Possibly the best type of cardio interval training routine that there is. Simply sprint up a hill and walk down for a recovery as your heart should be pounding! I did 1 big sprint.

#5) Box Jumps

Another great cardio exercise that uses nothing but your own bodyweight and a step or bench. For some reason a lot of people have a fear of doing this exercise but don’t let fear stop you. You will be able to jump up on the bench if you pick a reasonable height. I did 10 reps.

So there you go, my little playground workout circuit. I did this for 4 sets and was really feeling it after the end of the workout.

Get out and find your local playground and give it a shot. Let me know what you think below…

TT4FLoss 300x250 Playground Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises

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