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Plateau killer: Tabata Protocol

Posted Jul 14 2011 9:24pm 1 Comment

Whenever I hit a plateau which seems to be every five pounds -BAH- I turn to different ways to lose weight through exercise. I stumbled upon the Tabata Protocol a while ago and I was very interested.

 Your body has two fuel systems- anarobic and aerobic. Your aerobic system uses oxygen to fuel you, after you burn all of the energy you can through the aerobic workout, your body switchs to burning carbs(or the anarobic system). This involves your heart rate becoming quite high and you should monitor your heart during a Tabata workout. 

 A typical workout would be:

5 minutes of warm up

8 intervals of full on intensity for 20 seconds at a time and 10 seconds of rest

Lastly a 2 minute cool down

 You can mold it to your own body and athletic ability, starting out easier is best. Most people do it with just cardio but you can do it with weight training as well. 

 Some studies have shown that short high intensity work outs can do just as much if not more as long easier workouts. It is hard and I want to fall down and never get back up after I do it but it works I tell ya. 

Give it a try! 


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awesome! you're getting back up, that's all that counts!
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