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Pizza, Fried Chicken and Chocolate, oh My!

Posted Jan 31 2010 7:50pm

The title says it all. This weekend was an absolute food fest. I ate and ate and ATE. To be honest, I was Unmotivated. Uninterested. Uninspired. Tired.

But. . .

I’m over it. I needed a few days off. Isn’t that what weekends are for? There’s no sense in beating myself up. I wasn’t "bad". I’m not going to gain back 70lbs because I ate a few too many calories. A healthy lifestyle is about balance. There are no regrets or bad decisions. No need to punish myself for enjoying fried chicken WITH the skin for a change. Nope. Not.Gonna.Do.It.

Remember, I believe in stateless dieting. All of my food choices this weekend were ON PLAN. I didn’t "ruin my diet" or "break it." My next decision is before me. Prepare for tomorrow by packing a healthy lunch OR beat myself up and feel sorry for myself because I ate a couple slices of pizza and a chocolate bar?

Sorry, I’m off to the kitchen. My lunchbox awaits. :)

P.S. Hope you have a great weekend! Besides food, mine was filled with fun. Little guy and I experimented in the kitchen, played lots of games, watched one of my favorite childhood movies, dug out of a surprise snow storm and snapped a few photos. . .

I also worked my butt off at Boot camp, hosted a poker night, played Wii and finished Twilight (FINALLY!)

See… how can I let a few food choices effect my awesome weekend? It’s amazing how focusing on the positive, owning your decsions and looking ahead can affect your mood. I’m totally motivated after writing this.

Ok, now I’m really off to make that lunch and get to bed early. Gotta go to work tomorrow. Have a good one! :)

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