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Pixie Speaks!

Posted Feb 14 2013 8:19pm


Happy Valentine’s Day!  We don’t usually do a whole lot for the day, but I did get John a small heart shaped box of chocolate because I saw them when I was out shopping last night.  It had a whole 3 pieces of chocolate in it LOL!

I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast because it didn’t look so good.  It was oat bran cooked with a banana and I topped it with a spoonful of this:


Normally I don’t eat sweetened nut butters, but this was on sale, so I thought I would try it. Hypnotized  It was really good.  Maybe not a good thing to have in the house because I can just eat it off the spoon…

For Valentine’s, John made me my latte today and he put a heart on it.


He is so sweet!

John’s tutoring student canceled for tonight, so we decided to go out for dinner.  We hit up Rock Hill, which I love.  I had a dilled havarti cheese sandwich.


That is a semolina bread and so good! I love their sandwiches.  On our way home, I asked John if that was out for Valentine’s or just eating out. He said “I thought it was for Valentines” LOL!  So that was nice.

We moved the vanity pieces upstairs. John is going away for a few days and I wanted the pieces moved upstairs so my dad can help me drop them in place later this weekend or early next week.  We had to get this thing upstairs through that little doorway back in the corner and up the stairs.



I did a bit of nail biting when we measured. Check out our tape measure:

P2140011 t

Always a fan!    I took the stairway railing off and it went up surprisingly easy!  Yay!  It’s not that heavy, but a bit too heavy for 1 person (plus it is awkward).  Lots of work will be happening in the bathroom this weekend. Tile redo and the flooring! Getting close!

John sent me this video of Pixie . Sometimes she has a high squeaky meow and other times she has this raspy sound.  We call it her being ‘Madge’, which hearkens back to a fellow shop owner in Illinois who used to come visit us.  She must have been about 80 and chained smoked. She was always complaining and had that kind of raspy voice. Pixie has that sound.  Anyway – here she is chatting to John. 

Note she is also getting white hair poofs on the rug. She ejects hair everywhere.


Such a silly girl

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