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Pineapple and Silliness

Posted Feb 21 2011 6:00am
Fun times continue in Oregon! My mom learned a new way to slice up a whole pineapple when she was in Hawaii (after we left Maui and they went onto the big island), and for months now she has been telling me how easy it is. Since I am constantly buying cut up fresh pineapple, I not only wanted to see how she did it, but document it as well, as we all know my C.R.S.* strikes at will and I'm likely to forget a crucial step.

Pictures to start, and then a silly video at the end.

Step one - Cut the top and bottom off of the pineapple Notice how fast my mom was slicing - I had to put my camera onto "sport" mode to capture her speedy movements!

Step two - Slice the pineapple in half, and then slice those halves in half Step three - Slice the "core" off of each quarter Step four - Make horizontal slices across each quarter (about 3/4 of an inch thick), following the inside contour of the pineapple skin Step 5 - Carve under the slices and pop the pineapple out!
Step 6 - Enjoy!
Getting every last bit of juicy goodness!

And now, my mom's first attempt at a video using her camera, and my first (and last) attempt at pretending to be Julia Child. I have to give the television cooks mad props, as this is harder than they make it look!

*Can't Remember Sh*t
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