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Picky Eater Son - Update

Posted Nov 12 2010 11:18am

My quest to open up the nutritional world for my picky eater son continues.  With him, it is two steps forward, sometimes one step back and other times it is miles back. 

I worry about him and his food preferences.  He could live on carbs.  The other food groups, in his mind, don't exist.  He would think the food world was only carbs if I didn't make him eat other things.  Seriously, the kid could live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pizza especially but anything else carby.  Thankfully, both of my sons have always been a healthy normal weight.  Until recently, I've noticed a little bit of extra softness around my pre-teen son's tummy. 

How to handle this extra softness, aka extra weight?  It isn't to the point of a 911, however, I want to take action now.  My parents handled the same situation with me horribly.  It became a topic of discussion, a put down here and there, a zinging comment that hurt my heart, and made the situation worse than it needed to be.  A loving, concerned, caring comment would have went a long way with me back then.  While I'm not placing blame on my weight issues totally on my parents poor handling of the situation, it certainly played a part.  So, I want to be sensitive in handling this with my pre-teen son.

So my predicament with him is how to handle his just a few extra pounds resulting in a bit of a soft tummy area in a sensitive way yet his very picky eating habits....all without a huge gigantic hassle and issues. 

I'm stepping forward with my own contributions to this situation.  I'm not a good cook.  For a number of reasons, I'm not.  One of them is that I need things simple.  I'm not a gourmet cook in any sense.  I need to be more comfortable in the kitchen actually cooking.  I need simple recipes that are healthy.  Simple recipes tend to not be so healthy.  I will become overwhelmed with not simple recipes.  Plus, since my pre-teen son is so picky, we've had "issues" (aka battles, heated discussions).  I will prepare something and it is such a thing that I've cooked something with effort and love, he will become finicky, cop an attitude and then it goes down from there.  My feelings get hurt, I feel frustrated and he digs his carb heels in.  Not a pretty sight for a nice family dinner.

Plus, cooking takes time.  I don't have lots of time.  I work full-time hours plus at my job.  Working where I do, an 8-hour day doesn't exist.  Not just for me but for the other staff members that I work with.  Weekends.....many days are just extensions of the work week.  So time to putter in the kitchen isn't a luxury that I have.  Cooking like Rachael Ray takes time!

So a cooking SOS is what I have.  I need to make some time to prepare healthy foods and get a thick skin for my picky eating son.  It isn't like I would make brussel sprouts dishes.  Not just for my pre-teen picky eater but for my teen son, hubby and me! 

My goals
1.  Find healthy recipes that I feel comfortable preparing with ingredients that my son will eat.
2.  Make the time to prepare.
3.  Include my pre-teen son cooking with me.
4.  Consistency - eat this or don't eat....don't give in to keep the peace.

So....that's my daily minutes and what is going on with at this minute!

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