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Photo Food Journal, Day 4 (Wednesday) + Bella, the Gym Bunny

Posted Sep 02 2009 10:05pm



1 pkt Quaker Oats Weight Control banana bread instant oatmeal (3 points)
Green Monster Smoothie (3 points)
8 oz Trop50 OJ (1 point)
1 hard-boiled egg (2 points)
Multivitamin + Green Tea FatBurner pill

Total: 9 points

Today I had more time in the morning, because I had 1st period prep, so I wanted to make sure I had a good breakfast.  It always feels good to have the time to sit down, eat slowly, read the paper, and get ready for the day.  This breakfast was larger than I usually have, but it definitely kept me full until lunch.  I had plenty of protein, lots of fiber, and lots of veggies/fruit.   I think I may start having bigger breakfasts like this during the week, because it gave me a great start to my day.


download-6 A rare at-the-desk lunch picture. 

apple (1 point)
HG 10-alarm turkey chili + 1/4 cup 2% shredded cheddar cheese (6 points)
VitaTop corn muffin (1 point)
Smartfood chocolate cookie caramel popcorn clusters (2 points)
1 oz tortilla chips (this was a last-minute addition, but it was worth it) (3 points)
Yoplait Thick n’ Creamy strawberry yogurt (2 points)

Total: 15 points

Today after school was a bit rushed.  I had a hair appointment at 3pm, then I had just enough time to get home and change clothes before I had to go to my training appointment at 6pm.

betty boop workout It felt really good to finally get back into the gym.  I have been feeling really guilty about not keeping up with my Stay-Active Plan, but I finally had to realize that I have to cut myself some slack.  Being back at school the first few weeks, things are very hectic for me, and I do need to give myself time to adjust to the new schedule again.  It does feel like I went two steps back, but I’m going to make it a goal this coming week to really make the effort to do more activity each day.

It was so good to see Jimmy today, because ever since he told me about his grandmother’s passing, I’ve been really thinking so much about him.  He seemed good, and he told me, “you know, you’re the only one that I came in for, I canceled on everyone else this week.  But, I had to come in to see my girl.”  That made me feel great.  I think he sees the potential in me that I feel in myself, and it’s great to know I have so much support coming from him.

Today’s workout focused on core and a bit of cardio in the form of football “toe drills.”  It was great!  I felt so invigorated and proud of myself for pushing hard through a tough workout, especially since it had been a week since I last worked out!  The foot drills were awesome.  Tough, but so cool.  The core work wasn’t bad either.  After the 1-hour session, I got on the elliptical machine for about 20 minutes.  In the hour and 20 minutes that I worked out, I earned 8 APs and burned 715 calories, which was amazing to me!  So happy with that!!



After the workout, I didn’t feel like having a heavy meal.  Plus, tomorrow is weigh-in, so I thought it was the perfect time for a big-ass salad.  This totally hit the spot, and it’s something I’ll repeat again.

3 cups baby spinach (0 points)
1 cucumber (0 points)
1 tomato (0 points)
5 oz Trader Joe’s Just Chicken grilled chicken strips (4 points)
1/2 cup canned corn (1 point)
1/4 cup 2% shredded cheddar (2 points)
2 TBSP light ranch dressing (2 points)

30g Flat Earth cheddar veggie chips (3 points)

Total: 12 points

Evening Snack:

download-2 3 points

So, my total for today was 39 points, and I’m fine with that.  I worked really hard today, and since I haven’t eaten past my minimum 34 points each day, it should be fine at the weigh-in tomorrow (I hope).

I’m looking forward to my WW meeting tomorrow to see what my weight is, but also to hear more about Lost for Good.  I’ve been contacted and asked to share some great info about the program with you, and I’ll do that in tomorrow’s weigh-in post.

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