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Photo Diaries a Better aid to Weight Loss

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:07am

camera Using conventional means say for instance roughly guessing what you eat per day or week, is it possible to accurately record what you are actually eating, some people have great success by using a conventional means of a fooddiary. In order to chart their progress as to regard what they are eating on a day or weekly basis, but is this necessarily the best way to record your progress.

It would now seem that this is not the case, some research has been done in the United States that suggests otherwise what they say is if you take pictures of your food before you eat it. It is a far better way of tracking what you eat than other conventional methods, a woman was asked to keep photos of what she ate day during a day, it was quite a shock for the woman who participated in the one-day period.

She actually thought that she was eating 2300 calories a day, but she found out that she was eating three times more than the recommended daily calorie intake for herself, she was found to be eating 6,083 calories instead.

The photographs actually reminded her of the snacks that she binged on which otherwise might have not been counted by conventional means, or it might have been the case that she just wouldn’t of taken note of it and thought she was eating far less than she originally was.

Prof Lydia Zepedia and David Zeal who conducted the study said that people see diaries as a way of recording things, and added that when people write things in food diaries, they tend to do it hours after they have eaten the food, so it could be misleading for the person who might forget about the odd snack or two that they ate in between meals.

People use food diaries as a recording tool but should be made aware that photo diaries are a much better intervention tools. To use to track your weight loss, when you can actually see what you’ve eaten it puts it into perspective far more. How many of us actually start a fooddiary and then slack off or forget to fill it in.

Here is what the Corinna ate in a day.

7 a.m. Three slices of toast with jam and butter

8 a.m. Coffee milk and sugar

8:30 a.m Coffee milk and sugar

9:00 a.m Coffee milk and sugar

10:30 a.m. Breakfast cob with egg, bacon, sausage and mushroom

12:30 p.m. McDonald’s big Mac, fries and strawberry milkshake and apple pie.

1:30 p.m. Coffee milk with sugar

2:30 p.m. Coffee milk and sugar and a Mars bar

3:45 p.m. Coffee milk and sugar

6 p.m. Fish and chips with mushy peas and two slices of white bread with butter

7 p.m. One bag of boiled sweets, mint humbugs

8 p.m. One bottle of cider and two cans of lager

9 p.m. One large mug of drinking chocolate with four chocolate digestive biscuits

What this does prove is that you can never be too careful about what you’re eating because things can be so deceptive and sometimes you are just not aware of what you are actually eating. Even though you actually think you may be on top of what you are eating, it mounts up without even you realising it. So time to get the digital camera out and start recording what you’re eating.

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