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Perth Personal Trainer Biggest Fat Loss Tip

Posted Jun 30 2010 2:56pm

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Today I’ve got a special guest post from a great Personal Trainer over in Perth – TC Lee. I’ve asked TC to give me his biggest fat loss tip so let’s check out what he has to say:

My Biggest Fat Loss tip to anyone who wants to lose fat is *High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)* and forget about the long slow aerobics. Although, there’re still some exercise physiologists that would disagree with this but you can’t ignore the increasing evidence that HIIT does burn way more fat and get you better fat loss results than low-intensity endurance type activities such as distance running or cycling.

*So what is HIIT? *

It is a form of training that consists of short periods of maximum intensity interspersed by low-intensity bouts within the same workout.

The maximum intensity refers to all-out effort that last somewhere between 20-90 seconds and the low-intensity bouts refer to recovery pace where you slow down and long enough to recover to go for another all-out effort and can be anywhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Boxing Is A Great HIIT Workout

Boxing Is A Great HIIT Workout

*You Want Real Life Results What HIIT Can Do for You?*

Not only it’s scientifically proven that HIIT works, the footy players, soccer players and sprinters who do a lot of sprint training have the physique to show you that HIIT works.

Basically, these blokes with the lean and tight bodies are doing HIIT in training and in games. They sprint all
out and jog and repeat that all the time on the field and that’s a form of HIIT.

*Great Thing About HIIT*

Sure you do have to work your butt off with a HIIT program but this training will:

– 1. save you heaps more time
– 2. remove your abdominal fat (some studies found slow aerobics does help lose the tummy fat),
– 3. get better overall fat loss
– 4. improve your aerobic fitness
– 5. increase metabolism

So what have you got to lose? If your current cardio program sucks, it’s time to go for HIIT. You will lose more fat and save more time.

T C Lee is a Perth personal trainer who specialises in fat loss program and he has helped many people lose fat fast with his HIIT fat loss program. To learn more about HIIT and other advanced fat loss strategies, visit his Perth Personal Trainer blog .


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