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Perseverence pays OFF!!!

Posted Jan 20 2010 6:05pm
Hey guys...

Still alive! Still exhausted.  I had to drive to the other side of Toronto after school to meet with a potential photographer who I BOOKED!!! YEEEESSS!

..buuuuttt...Now I'm totally pooped.  I'm also feeling really good though...everything is coming together nicely.  Dress...donevenue....donephotographer...done!!!

Sooooo...I have exciting news!! This morning I weighed myself and what did I see?? 157.6....HELLS YAH!! OMG! I haven't seen those numbers at all since starting WW.  This is totally new territory...can I tell you how exciting that is!! VERY! You know I feel like I've kinda been stuck for a very long timebut I'm FINALLY moving forward.  It has been super annoyingbut it looks like all this dedication even through the worst times is paying off.  You know...if I keep this up...if I work really hard at bootcamp...if I keep on eating well and organizing myself...I may....I MAY just get into the 40's in February.  HOLY FREAKING CRAP.  I haven't been there in so long. 

The closest I've been in recent years is maid of honour at my best friend's wedding.  I had lost a few pounds for it and really felt pretty that day.  I think I was 152 pounds...(how pathetic that I know that.) I think I definitely looked nicebut I was still overweight.  My dress was bulging a bit in the butt and hip area. This is what happens when you buy your dress a size too small and don't lose enough to fit into it properly.

I shouldn't really feel surprised though.  152 is still overweight for me. I'm 5ft 2!!! My healthy BMI is under 136 pounds...sooo...I look at this picture...I look at my gorgeous 157 on the scale and I say...its good....BUT...It's not good enough.  I WILL be within a healthy BMI for my wedding.  I do not want to look back and feel sad that I was overweight in the gorgeous dress...on that amazing day. 

So yes...I look nice in that bridesmaid dress....but I don't want to look nice at my own wedding.  I want to look STUNNING!  No stopping me now kids!

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