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Peoples perception sabotaging efforts

Posted Mar 25 2010 7:51pm
Lately it seems ether I am obsessing over my weight or I hide the extra 20lbs well. I have been trying to watch what I eat, avoid junk food and portion control. People lately  have made comments about my diet meals I bring to work like "you don't need that". I usually reply with something like trying to stay healthy or little gut forming. Wile I know I am up 20lbs it seems others don't notice? I really dislike others trying to sabotage my efforts but I think my goals are within a normal healthy ranges. Using the Goal Body Weight Calc, my weight history, size, age etc,  I see no problem with my goal.

You currently weigh 146.6 pounds with a body fat percentage of 16.5%. You would like to have a body fat percentage of 7%.

Based on this information, your goal body weight should be:

131 pounds

How did we calculate this goal body weight?

We took you current weight and your current body fat percentage and multiplied them together. (Weight X Current Body Fat %/100) to get how many pounds of you is actually just fat. In this case you are currently carrying around 25 pounds of fat.

Just because I'm small frame does not mean that my goals should be any different but somehow others think so. Anyway, I value your opinions. Do you have problems with others sabotaging your weight loss efforts?
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