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People That Talk On Cell Phones In Buses (Suck it up Sunday)

Posted May 23 2011 1:01pm

No one likes going on public transportation, other than the perverts of course.  The rest of humanity, however, does it out of necessity.  You would think that everyone realizes that no one else wants to be there and would try to make things as easy as possible for those on it.  While I was at my rotund 360 lbs I would never sit in a seat just because I took up two+ of them thinking it's not fair to the thin people that I needed two.  Once I was playing my music loudly on my MP3 player and someone "Shhhhhh'd" me.  While the standard response to someone you don't know "Shhhhhh"ing you is a middle finger follwed by a profanity laced tirade...on the bus, I just lowered my Culture Club and kept on trucking.  No need to make a bad situation worse for anyone else.

This brings me to the people that talk on their cell phone loudly and obnoxiously while saying "HUHH?" and "WHAT?!" over and over again because the bus has so much noise going on it, that they can't hear the other person.  Typically when you see these animals that are on their phones on the bus, you realize that they are just too dumb to know any better, and there is no way you can actually get them to shut up without being even more rude then them.  If you "Shhhh" them, they will start yelling and screaming at you. and really, dealing with this level of obnoxiousness.

As we know, yesterday I was on a bus with this exact situation and I saw the most brilliant response to someone on a yelling on a phone ever.  While I would think that the majority of people just felt like they were in hell as a result of this countermeasure, I really appreciated the ingenuity.  While this obnoxious idiot was screaming on her phone to some guy about absolutely nothing, this genious just started making random "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" sounds every few seconds to annoy her as much as she was annoying everyone else.  Needless to say, she couldn't take a hint, and just covered her other ear and tried to time her speaking inbetween the "WAAAAAAAAAAAA"'s.

I may have to start employing this way of "Winning" in the world.  I really don't understand how any person over the age of say 16 could not realize how incredibly obnoxious it is to everyone else around them.  Perhaps they do realize it and simply don't care.  However, I think typically you see the type that does this, and after eavesdropping on their conversation, you realize they are just too dumb to understand what they are doing.  I would like to comment that there are people that can talk on the phone on a bus in a normal volume and they are fine!  It's few and far between, but I've seen it with mine own eyes I have!

Kurtis Lort:
"You calling someone else annoying is like someone Jerry Springer calling someone else trash."

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