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Peace of Mind

Posted Feb 07 2011 11:44am

“Peace of Mind means a healthy body…” Proverbs 14:30

peaceofmindThis passage of the Bible stood out to me today as I studied. Before the science of psychology was a thought, the Bible spoke about how our mind affects our body. If you look at all the studies done you will find how the mind and body affect each other. Doctor’s say that physical exercise releases something called endorphins which act as neurotransmitters through the body increasing energy and giving us a “Natural High”. These endorphins are also known to increase happiness. According to studies at Duke University 60% of a group they studied with depression, whom exercised 30 minutes 3 times a week, overcame their depression without any medication.

On the flip side of that. I know in my experience when I am down in the dumps I don’t feel like exercising. I don’t want to get out and go anywhere. I just want to wallow in my pain. Depression isn’t the only problem either, there are issues with anxiety, emotional blockage and yes even spiritual issues that can hinder our lives from moving forward. All of these issues with the mind affect us physically. Anxiety and depression make our bodies sick, weak and susceptible to disease by weakening our immune system. Spiritual issues left unchecked can cause emotional grief and lead to anxieties.

When our minds are at peace, when we are happier we are healthier. Our immune system gets a boost when we are happy and anxiety free. Understanding how this works, if exercise can increase mental health and peace of mind why do we debate the issue? Exercise not only improves physical health but mental health. Let us break out of the deception of not doing what we don’t feel like but do what we know helps us.

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