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PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:15pm
I can't believe that I kind of "forgot" I still had some jars of this stuff! I ordered it a while back and I especially loved it when I was into the protein shake thing because my favourite one was:

  • chocolate protein powder (Ultimate Protein line)
  • PB2
  • some instant espresso
  • unsweetened vanilla almond breeze
  • = amazing chocolate PB coffee treat and not some yucky chalky thing you're trying to get down for the sake of some extra protein!

Methinks a scoop of PB2 in my morning java could be friggin awesome! The greatest thing about this stuff as there is absolutely no guilt factor whatsoever because it's a low cal burst of tasty protein essentially! Damn I've already had my morning coffee today! Next time, I'm goin in!

Anyhoo, Jen, you asked me where I got it. Along the side here I have "Healthy & Helpful Links" and there is a link to their web site. It's been there since I first ordered it. Now, before all you Canadians get excited, you must know that as far as I can see, there is only one place that sells it in stores and that's in Markham Ontario (booooooooo) and I had to order it online which with taxes and shipping ended up being some pretty pricey PB2 :-( I think at the time it ended up being between $30 and $40 for 4 jars of it. Not too bad when you think "4 jars" but it's 4 jars of powder which isn't the same thing exactly as 4 jars of PB in volume. But still, I definitely was not disappointed with it! I was only disappointed that us Canadians always get the poopy end of the stick when it comes to all the great stuff like this!

Sherry, who actually works at Bell Plantation that makes this incredible stuff, was nice enough to leave a comment yesterday (thank you Sherry for your kind comments about my success, it means a lot and made this sicky poo girl smile this morning) and she also left the web site where you can go and order the PB2. Guess what else I saw there that is new since the last time I ordered it! CHOCOLATE PB2!!!! And the NI is roughly the same as, if not slightly better than the original plain PB2. Well holy moly mother of.....! I NEEED SOME OF THAT!!!

So, Sherry, *wink wink, nudge nudge* you gotta hook me up! Wouldn't that make me a happy girl if I just so happened to receive some of this amazing product in the mail to try, drool over and to take pictures of and post of my blog! Know what I'm gettin at Sherry? Do ya get where I'm coming from? :-D

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