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Passin' by to say a quick hello....

Posted Aug 08 2009 10:53pm 1 Comment
Hey Everyone..hugs and kisses
how have we all been???

It feels like I havent written in a while!! Hope that you are all missing me along with my crazy posts..smiles
You know me always up to no good especially lately!

Tonight I had a few friends over, and we were talking about hair and colour..and next thing you knew we were on our way to a local drug store to buy some colour!:-))
you know me...bored..what do I do when I am bored?..I either give myself my own hair cut..(which hair is growing out nicely by the way since my last chop) or....COLOUR IT CRAZY!!

So decided to go lighter this time around...blond highlights. My friend was nice enough to do the honours..but then i decided to pick out some extra hair holes in the cap to get even more hair done..I think i was scaring her. She was telling me thats enough...but i was having fun..besides i never actually picked hairs out of those tiny holes before. But I personally was not scared. I never get scared with my hair like most women. I know, no matter what my hair grows like weeds..the worst thing that could happen was i would dye it all black to cover up the mistakes

Waiting the 45 minutes though I was getting a little nervous thinking what will it look like as I havent had blond in my hair in years...but once done, i was actually impressed. Amazing how peroxide takes off years..all of a sudden I looked in my 20's again rather than my mid 30's! Awesome feeling!

Sadly I am just staying in tonight, no where to really go to show it off. But its all good.

Other than trying to think if i have any funny stories for you all?? I do have a few, but i dont want to scare you. LOL

So far my summer has been going really great. I have met some new people, made some new sorts of special friends that i have been hanging out with...its been an amazing time.

You know, its funny..there comes a time when you realize more than before who your real friends are or were, who really truely does/did care about you, not to mention, you also realize what is important to you and what makes you happiest.

For me this time has been lately. Sadly i have not been able to put all my emphasis on the gym and diet side of things so much, but on the flip side, I have been actually happy just being able to laugh again and go for coffee's and smile and laugh some more and just live life.

Being physically active and eating well is and should be a very important part in everyone's everyday life, but when you just fully concentrate on just that, well this isnt always a good thing. At least it wasnt for me. You sometimes miss out on many other things in the process. Its the little things that I have been just enjoying lately. No pressure, new friendships, funny stories, watching as people around you are drinking and getting drunk, teasing, parties....
LOL (whoops did i just say that)?? geez lol kidding ;-) or am I? lol

Balance is not easy, and you have to learn it, I am still learning it, but I dont beat myself up anymore like I used to. There is so much to life friends.

Anyways, just thought i would hop on and say hello to all you lovelies out there. Im feeling great these days, really enjoying my summer. I am hoping to start writing again once summer is over and more often, I will try and make it interesting for you all.

Hope that the rest of the summer for you guys go well..see you in September!!
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Great to read u again Rosy!!!! Keep-up the positive thinking & living !!

Hugs & Kisses right back at u....hihihiii !!!

Rollande (Rolly) xo 


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