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Pampered Chef "Wish List" Suggestions

Posted Aug 21 2009 10:48pm

So it's Friday and that usually means that we'd order pizza at our house but guess what? We're not. No way in H E double hockey stix. Why? Because I'm all out of Flex Points for the week (in fact with a couple extra "IOU's" in there too :-P), so I'm being a good little WWer and sticking to my daily allowance for the rest of the weekend!

Why am I over FP you ask? Well because it's never accurate to count when eating out and as Jaimepointed out already, mostof theHalibloggers (sans Lynn and Tasha (who btw will be BACK SOON from her trip around Europe and with a fun new blog!) got together for some top secret Haliblogger talks at Jack Astor's the other night.

I had the grilled Mediterranean Chicken Foccocia (which was to DIE for (I typed DIET! lol):

With a garden salad - I LOVE beets and especially shaved on a salad :-) (dressing on the side)

It was absolutely delicious and such a TREAT. I love sammies on bread like that YUM.

And last night Jaime, Lynn, Lex and I attended a launch party for the Fall products coming out for The Pampered Chef. I am hosting a PC party in September and I had never actually been to one before so it was a nice introduction to the company and their products. It was actually a really good time!

The consultants were so fun and energetic and there were lots of prizes through random ticket draws and they showed us the new products "fashion show" style which was really entertaining. They also had a few of the PC recipes prepared to munch on and boy was I glad I didn't eat supper before I went (aside from a few Guiltless Gourmet Chipotle tortilla chips and about a tbsp of hummus) because I definitely exceeded my daily allowance on the munchies. It was those damn mint chocolate chip triangle brownie things that Jaime posted about because we later found out they were like 500 calories!

So my questions for you lovelies are: Have you ever been to a Pampered Chef party? What are your favourite products and/or what should I put on my "must have" list? Oh and are there any recipe requests I should put into my consultant for the show?

Thanks guys, as always, I value your input, opinions and comments :-)

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