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Pain = Progress!!

Posted Sep 22 2009 12:00am
Okay, so maybe I'm slightly sick in the head but... I LOVE BEING SORE after a good workout. Yesterday I went back to my amazing trainer . She seems to be getting a feel of what I can handle and yesterday she pushed me to a level she has yet to push me. Today, my biceps, pecs and glutes are sore!! WAHOO!! If my butt hurts that means it's becoming shapelier right? (And if you didn't notice in the pics from the last post, my butt is looking better and better! ;o) )

When we were doing this comp before, my 2nd child taught me a mantra I LOVE!! He said: "Mom, pain is just weakness leaving your body!" He was taught this saying by his gymnastics coach no doubt but I LOVE IT!! And I totally believe that pain DOES make us stronger (whether physically or mentally). When it comes to working out, pushing past the pain can be a struggle so for me, when I'm struggling to do something that is physically hard, I actually imagine the weakness drifting away, (like a soul in a ghost movie!) and it's amazing how much stronger I feel. We will never know how strong we are if we never push past the hard stuff. Pain = progress.
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