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Paging Dr. J! (No, no, not that one)

Posted Jul 18 2013 6:05pm

That title was for all the Indiana Jones fans out there. 

OK, now that I've gotten that geek moment out of my system...

I caught wind of a new spot opening downtown and wanted to share it with y'all. 

Dr. J's Vibrant Cafe (the name really rolls of the tongue!) is built on the health philosophy of owner and executive chef Dr. Juliet Tien (Dr. J), a renowned holistic health practitioner and author, who combines traditional Chinese herbal therapy, stress management and an anti-yeast nutritional program to serve up a combination of macrobiotic, gluten-free, ayurvedic foods that will titillate the taste buds of both vegans and health-conscious carnivores alike.

Sounds fancy, right? I'm so intrigued. 

The detoxifying food fare at Dr. J’s is a deliciously sinless trifecta of vegan, gluten-free, and organic, while simultaneously aiming to eliminate eight harmful ingredients found in other foods, such as sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, and chemicals, to name a few. The dishes are generously piled with hearty whole grains such as quinoa and brown rice, meatless protein options like soy “meat” and grilled tofu, and a medley of greens and vegetables that go through an extensive cleaning process to rid it of yeasts, bacteria, parasites, and chemicals. The health-focused vegan recipes use only the highest quality, locally grown organic ingredients (where available), are gluten-free and “100% clean.” 

Those of you who know me are all like "Really, AJ? You wanna eat at this place?" 

I do. I totally do. Do you know what food I am OBSESSED with lately? Quinoa. Once I learned how to pronounce it anyway (no, it is NOT Kin-oh-ah, it is Keen-wah), and I love tofu. And I love places like this because they always surprise me with delicious food I did not expect. 

AND, soon I will be able to try it because it opens on Monday! 


Front of house

The space looks really lovely, don't you think? I'm so excited about all the new business popping up downtown! I'm also excited that the space includes a separate tea and smoothie bar, a mini-market section and an outdoor patio. All good things. For more information, please visit . You can also follow DJVB on Facebook  & Twitter . You can find it in person as 334 S. Main Street, Unit 1101, Los Angeles, CA 90013. 

Disclosure: Don't need one, Uncle Sam. I posted this one cause I'm nice. Thus far, I've received nothing as "payment." I may down the line, I guess. So there. 

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