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Packing a Lunch… and extras!

Posted Jan 03 2013 12:00am

Yesterday was a good day on track for me! I turned down cookies at work about a bajillion times. People don’t seem to understand it when someone turns down a cookie. Neither do I. lol…but it must be done!

I am STILL going into the office to work because they haven’t resolved my computer issues yet. I have been very good about packing healthy foods and snacks to take with me since having to go in.

Here’s what I packed today:


A Greek yogurt for a morning snack. A salad with turkey, an egg and tomatoes for lunch (with lite dressing in a container). I usually eat my carrots at lunch and clementines for my “dessert”.

I always pack extra snacks to eat if needed. One of my coworker’s saw all that I had in my lunch bag and she was like, “what all do you bring with you!?”, which was a little mortifying to me…but I just told her, “It’s better to be prepared than get hungry and buy something out of the vending machine.” Besides, I don’t think this is THAT much food…is it?! lol Maybe it’s just the fat girl in me talking. But it’s all healthy and will do my body good.

I’ve started buying Fiber bars for the “emergency” situation. You girls know what I mean. Those moments when you just need something sweet and nothing is going to stop you. Well, these are my solution, and they work. They’re processed and probably not “healthy” but they keep me from buying M&M’s, or the like, out of the vending machine.

Am I the only one who thinks like this? Sometimes I feel like such a weirdo. Oh, the struggles with weight and food!

How is your year going so far?

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