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Pack Packity Pack Time

Posted Jun 19 2009 4:45pm


Another perfect cup of coffee in my memory mug this morning (I missyouguys*sniff* ).  The coffee was good and the GM was delish too.  The addition of about 4-5 small frozen strawberries totally neutralized any spinachy aftertaste that was there before.  It also could be the substitution of cashew butter for almond butter too.  Either way, it was incredibly enjoyable to sip on all the way to work:

IMG_3127   IMG_3129  

So the colour of the Green Monsters are growing on me.  Today I actually took the picture of it with the lid off :-P


Yogurt Parfait: Liberte No Fat Probiotic Svelte Plain Yogurt (man what a mouthfull!) with a chopped up ripe peach, some  blueberries, dried goji berries and some fruit & nut muesli and an Ezekiel English Muffin with a tbsp of cashew butter.  What a perfect lunch!


  IMG_3132   IMG_3133  


Then I shared my banana with my assistant Sophie :-D.  Isn’t she the cutest thing ever? (After Lucy of course.)  How lucky am I to have this cutie petutie making me smile at work :-)




I was quite hungry come later in the afternoon and I snacked on a delicious apple on my way home from work:



Well it IS pizza night at our house after all and I wasn’t in the mood for anything else, so we went ahead and ordered it up from Pizza Town.  You’ll be pleased to know I ordered the healthiest option on the menu, the Garden Fresh Calorie Smart Pizza with some added chicken which is made on a whole wheat tortilla rather than pizza dough.  These things are delicious and  a perfect compromise to a calorie dense pizza night with ALL the satisfaction.


Okay how did those garlic fingers end up on my plate?  I don’t ask questions! :-D  Okay so I had an additional piece of pizza on top of this and a few more garlic fingers.  But look at this pizza, and extra piece of this is practically nothing:


So now I’m stuffed and suuuuuuper thirsty from the garlic on the garlic fingers (they were drenched in garlic butter), so now I’m off to drink tons of water!

This weekend is allllllll about packing!  We move into our new house next weekend and I have to pack up my entire house!  Oh this should be fun!

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