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Posted Nov 17 2008 8:57pm
I have a session this morning with a personal trainer at the gym. I get one hour free, so I decided to take it now. I feel more comfortable at the gym, and I am getting more physically stronger. I wanted to see what she feels that I should be doing, and I really wanted her professional opinion. I am a little nervous, I am not going to lie. She seems really nice, not like a fake nice, like a real nice. That is why I asked her. She is one of the only trainers at the gym that started to talk to me here and there and say "Hi". It meant a lot to me. I mean lets face it, a lot of skinny hot trainers, walk right past you like they are better than you. But not this one. I of course can't afford her probably, but I will see. It would be nice to meet with her throughout my journey.

I will have to post after what it was like.

As for the Biggest Loser. I for one knew Amy C. had it in her from the beginning, and I was damn proud of her last night. My husband and I were actually screaming that I woke the baby up. She actually brought tears to my eyes at what she had did! I swear I want to hug her so bad for starting to get rid of the evil on that show. I couldn't stand how they were treating Phil. As for being a parent myself, Phil and Amy P. are exactly the kind of people I can relate to. And what Phil said to Allison at the weigh in, I was so proud of him. I didn't feed into the drama, even though later, he should of just knocked Brady out. And I felt bad for Amy P. for letting Vicky get to her, I would of knocked Vicky's ass out. (she doesn't strike me as a Mom, I forget all of the time that she is one) She is pure evil, and I feel what comes around goes around, and bravo to my dear Amy C. who hopefully knew all along who the good people are on that show!
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