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Owning Your Plan

Posted Apr 12 2010 3:45am

There are more diet plans out there than I could even begin to list. When I read your blogs I notice that people are using a lot of different plans to lose their weight and get more fit. Some use a program such as Weight Watchers, and others are just doing their own thing.

I think whatever you do, it’s important to own your plan.

What do I mean by own your plan? I mean take ownership of the method you are using to lose weight. Take ownership in your own mind and heart. Why?

Because when you really take lessons into your heart they stick around. At least that’s the case with me. When I’ve had struggles in my life and really understood the lessons I learned during those hard times, I tend not to repeat that particular error.

Same thing with a weight loss plan. When I finally figured out a way that worked for me, I owned the plan, took it into my heart, and believed that I could live with it for a lifetime.

That’s why I have a problem with the Jenny Craig’s and those types of prepackaged weight loss programs. Sure you can lose weight by eating prepackaged meals 24/7, but what lessons have those people learned along the way? There are some long-term successes, but I’d venture to say from my own experiences, not too many.

Making your weight loss plan your own is important because this is a plan that you will use as a model for the rest of your life. It’s vital to think of what you are doing now as something that must be continued forever.

Sure you can have a few more calories after you reach your goal, but the lessons you are learning right now are the lessons that will carry you through forever.

Kinda scary/exciting to think about isn’t it? It was for me.

As I journeyed from weight loss into maintenance I was so thankful that the way I lost weight was life sustainable. It was healthy, manageable, and not complicated. It meant that maintenance didn’t require any huge changes in how or what I ate. Rather maintenance just meant I kept living my plan. Because I owned it.

Past things I tried weren’t sustainable for me, and even though I never made it anywhere close to goal, looking back I know I couldn’t have kept it up. I would have regained.

Do you feel that your plan is your own? Have you thought about how you will continue on your healthy path once you reach your goal weight? Diane

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