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Overweight Woman’s Diet Failures. The Dreaded Count.

Posted Aug 24 2011 7:05am

Let’s count them. Two already this year. One last year. At least, two to three a year during my 30’s. Maybe three or four or more a year during my 20’s. Adolescence: as many as 6 or 7 a year. Sometimes two a week. Decade after decade, so many times--and I might be underestimating.

Can you guess what these counts are? They’re times I tried; tried and tried but was unable to lose weight. If you guessed it, maybe it’s because you’ve been there yourself. Are you still there like I am? I’m still not able to lose weight, and the tries keep mounting up. So does my frustration and disbelief in dieting, diets, weight-loss programs, women support groups, exercise. Bariatric surgery is not my cup of tea. But, in any case, I’m just overweight, not obese. So I don’t qualify for surgery.

Just an overweight woman, that’s my schtick. That’s me. When can I stop counting? I still have most of my 40’s left, and I don’t want to add another diet failure to my bottom line. Get it, bottom line. My bottom line is already big enough.

Got to do it differently. I’m looking for a surefire solution. I’m ready to concede that all the ways that I’ve tried aren’t what I needed to do for myself. I’ve searched high and low, and here I am at Maria’s Last Diet. I’ve got to try it. It’s a different way. Work on what’s making it so difficult to lose weight rather than just working on losing weight. Maria gives you plenty to read up on. Freebie info. I’ll let you know how I make out.


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