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Out of Control Eating Habits

Posted Jul 29 2009 11:30pm

by Maria' s Last Diet

Q: Do you have trouble controlling how much you eat?

A: No trouble     Not much trouble    Unsure    Some trouble    Can’t control how much I eat

Q: How motivated are you to control your weight?

A: Not motivated      Motivated a little     Not sure     Motivated Some    Motivated a lot


What can you expect when your overeating has become uncontrolled and uncontrollable?


A recent study reported in the May 2009 issue of Obesity Research & Clinical Practice unsurprisingly showed that adult primary care patients who reported uncontrolled and uncontrollable overeating were likely to be obese rather than just overweight.


What can you do if you too can’t control how much you eat and you are not motivated to control your weight?


Perhaps the first thing to do is to realize this fact and let it sink in. Let’s hope it’s a harsh reality for you, and that this harsh reality has stupendous motivating power. That would be great!


Most likely, though, it will take you time, lots of time to do what it takes to get you from where you are to…uh, oh…where you… could be. Notice, I couldn’t bring myself to say “where you want to be” because that’s probably not the case…yet.

But let’s keep working on this together. You tell me what you’re going through in the control/out-of-control department, and I will see what I can do to help.


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