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Posted Sep 15 2008 7:43pm 2 Comments
this is kind of public, isn't it.   oh well.  i really don't know what to say here, except that i'm currently at 221, and that is way too much for my little (AS IN VERY SHORT) body.  i'm also a diabetic, so if you'd like to talk about "risk factors" hey...i'm there.  i just had my gallbladder out august 19, so again...i'm there.  i've been doing the healthy biggest issue is getting off my big butt and moving.  i have a desk job, and when i get home, i'm just beat.  i need to do this exercise thing in the morning.  i need one of those things like in the cartoons....SPROING!  just throw my big ol' butt out of that bed, and have me land on the second chances, never say die!  yaagh!!  go go go!  but when morning comes...reality is like...i hit the alarm for 5 more minutes..and then another five...and then oh..just one more time.  you all get the picture. 
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It's really hard to get in the habit of exercising. Tomorrow morning try getting on your treadmill for just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.  Sometimes it's daunting to think you'll have to be on it for thirty minutes but five is doable.  That way you can work your way painlessly up to the thirty minute mark. Also, I do better when I've got an exercise partner.  Even if you're just calling one another or emailing one another to check up it helps. 
five minutes hardly seems worth the effort..but yes, it seems more doable.  therefore....i shall try that.  i won't have to get up nearly as early to do 5 minutes anyway..right...LOL.  negotiation. i'm told that i will get to a point where i can't live with out exercise and i really WANT to do it...but i'm just not there yet. 
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