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Ouch, ouch, ouch...

Posted Nov 12 2008 7:19pm
Not sure how I did myself in on Monday night at Sensual Fitness, but when I woke up on Tuesday, the small of my back was so sore! This morning it’s the backs of my upper arms that are showing me their unhappiness at my valiant efforts on Monday.

Monday night was the start of a new 8-week session. Our regular instructor returned from her honeymoon, and one of my closest friends has joined me in this class. I guess it was a combination of these things that made me push myself a bit. I have made a goal for myself – I want to be able to honestly say that I climbed the pole and touched the ceiling by Christmas. I have been able to make it about half way up the pole, but I just seem to have a mental block with moving one hand over the other to actually CLIMB it. If I could just let go to go over the top hand, I am sure I would be able to make it. Well, I’d be closer, anyway.

My friend (Dar) climbed the pole and touched the ceiling on her very first attempt. I hate her.

There were quite a few new ladies in the class on Monday – I felt like the old pro that night. I know I could probably move up to the Level 2 classes, but for some reason I just feel that being able to touch that ceiling is pinnacle before moving up a level. For me, that is a strength indicator; I need to be stronger in the upper body before I can move up to the next class that will require more upper body strength. Or maybe it’s just that I’m comfortable here at this level…

I guess what I should do is go to a Level 2 class to see how it works and to see how I do at it. Maybe in the next few weeks I will go to one. They are on Tuesday nights. I won’t be able to go next Tuesday as I have a meeting at 7pm, but I will work my schedule for the following week to see what Level 2 is all about.

The weight loss just has not been happening for me, but to be honest, I haven’t really been TRYING to lose weight, either. I mean, in my head I would like to do it, but in reality, when I am putting that small piece of chocolate in my mouth ( Yes, the temptation is still in the office ) I KNOW I’m not going to lose any weight.

I’m starting to plan the meals again, but not 100% of the time. Hubby informed me yesterday that he had gained about 10 pounds before going to the hunt camp. ( !!? ) I did not realize that he had been eating so poorly before he mentioned that.
I noticed that he has been snacking on peanuts every night this week, but hadn’t said anything about it. Time to pull out the warden’s hat on him? If I do, I know that will help me get back into it, too – because all tempational-type food will be removed ( yet again ) from the house.

See, I didn’t realize he’d bought a big 1kg bag of nuts to take hunting and has been munching away nightly on the bag prior to going away and since returning. Bad, bad boy.
The never-ending battle…
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