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Other people’s thoughts

Posted Nov 14 2012 6:26pm

Wednesday!  Here is something different for you.  I didn’t have a bagel today, but a scone!

Gotta shake things up around here.  Fresh made raspberry scones and this was tasty.

Billy settled in quite well overnight in the shop.  He was happy to see me this morning after an initial hiss.  He has been really friendly with John as well while he works out there.  Sweet kitty.

John puts up with a lot of my shenanigans and he is still with me 20 years later.  I guess I must be doing something right.  You know I tend to be a stray cat magnet, and I always feel very bad about it when it comes to foisting an animal into John’s life, him being allergic and all.

Now, John is one of those people that hardly ever gets angry (although getting grumpy is another story).  He never yells and I don’t think he has ever yelled at me that I can remember.   For some reason, in my head I am thinking he is going to be angry at me for feeling sorry for the stray kitties. I am constantly apologizing for taking care of the strays.  So he said something surprising to me the other day.  ”Why would I yell at you for being kind?”  D’uh.  I felt silly after that.

You know it is funny how we put thoughts into other people’s heads that really aren’t there.  Why is that?  This happens to me at the gym a lot. I sometimes feel self conscious lifting the weights and think that people are staring or thinking how I look like I should lose 15 pounds or that I should wear different workout clothes.  Then someone comes up and says “You really inspire me with how hard you work”.  That’s not what I was expecting at all!  I am not sure why I think other people have the worst thoughts when I don’t really have them towards other people.  Not that I don’t judge, because sometimes it just happens, rightly or wrongly.

I think I just tend to be a bit suspicious of what others think, for whatever reason.  Maybe being picked on as a child makes me think that everyone thinks those thoughts, but only some of them say them out loud – instead of the loudmouths being the exception.

Anyway, just my thought for the day.

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