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Organic Food No Healthier or Safer Than Other Food

Posted Sep 10 2012 4:38am

Image by  mermaid99

Organic food is big business. It’s expensive and is supposed to be better for you, or is it? In one of the biggest studies of its kind. It seems that it isn’t the case. A team at Stanford University found no added health benefits and, customers aren’t always getting pesticide free food.

The researchers claim it has no more nutritious benefits compared to food grown with pesticides, so there is no benefit to your health. We pay three times more for it, and believe it is better for us. Dr Dena Bravata and her colleagues found no evidence of other health benefits.

In addition, they found there were no guarantees of the food having no pesticides, although the levels were lower. Dr Bravata said: there isn’t much difference between normal foods and organic. If you’re making a decision based on health. The results came from the Internal Medicine Journal, which compared both types of food.

Campaigners in the UK, however, aren’t convinced. They say it wasn’t equipped to note real differences, the researchers looked through many papers associated with organic food. It included studies of people with both normal and organic diets as well as nutritional levels and other reasons. The researchers found no differences in the vitamin and mineral content of it.

There was no difference between protein and fat content in organic milk compared to normal milk. And they could not find specific fruits or vegetables which were healthier. Organic food was 30% lower in pesticides such as fruit and vegetables, but wasn’t always pesticide free. Some studies on children found that their urine were lower in pesticides and were below safe levels.

Also, it’s been said organic farming may not be good for the environment, according to experts atOxfordUniversity, they say, organic cereals, milk and pork, create more greenhouse gases than conventional means of farming.

Is organic food, then just another way for the food industry to make more money? As well as making it seem environmentally friendly when it isn’t. Do you buy organic food on the basis that it’s healthier? Or are you quite happy with conventional non-organic foods. Certainly, some food for thought here. Sorry about the pun.

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