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Organic Dark Honey

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:17pm
is apparently the best thing you can give your body after an anaerobic workout (as a carb source) to replenish what you've lost in your muscles.....said Brad King just now on the radio.

He said to make a shake with berries, flax or hemp oil, full fat yogurt and a protiein powder of sorts. Randi: you're right about that. I think I was combining another comment he made. If you're already adding the oil, you shouldn't also add the full fat yogurt. Good catch!

This should be consumed within 45 mins of finishing your workout for it to be effective in replenishment.

I've talked about him before and he has a slot on Maritime Morning with Andrew Krystal. He's got a line of health products (of course) and a new book called "Awaken your Metabolism" that he's selling only exclusively through health food stores. I'm going to buy the book if I can get my hands on it and see what he has to say. He always sounds so credible each and every week I hear him on the radio so in keeping with another one of my resolutions this year to continue my education on good health and nutrition, that book is on my list.
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