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Organic Atlantic v. Wild Salmon – AATW Test Kitchen

Posted Aug 19 2009 5:26pm

It all started when I spied a box of these at the Superstore a few weeks ago. I have to go and double check the price, but I think it was either $9.99 or $12.99 for this box of two portions:


I have always had a hard time finding wild salmon or pacific salmon here on the East Coast other than in a can. I figured this Organic Atlantic Salmon was worth the purchase. I assume that it means that the salmon has not been fed antibiotics or has added artificial colours? I’m still a bit confused on that, but getting further in my research.

Anyhooo, here’s what a frozen portion of it looks like:


And it’s comparatively this big:


And weighed:


Thennnnn I found this wild salmon at Planet Organic:


It’s “certified wild” and was $6.29 which is roughly the same cost of the organic Atlantic Salmon (give or take) if memory serves me (I will check the next time I’m in there)


The wild salmon filet wasn’t as long, but was thicker:


And weighed:


After they were thawed out, you can really notice the difference in the colour. The wild salmon had a deeper richer colour as opposed to the farmed Atlantic Salmon even though it’s " organic” Did you know that it’s common for artificial colour to be added to farmed salmon because their colour is not as deep as if it were in the wild?


I assume that because the Atlantic Salmon on the left here is organic that it hasn’t been given artificial colours. It certainly seems that way given the comparison in the colour here:


One of my favourite quick & easy ways to cook salmon is to douce it with soy sauce (I used light tamari sauce) and sprinkle with dried dill:


I baked them in the oven at 380 for a bit too long (I was doing 394847 other things at the same time), but here’s the end result:


The Organic Atlantic Salmon:


The Wild Salmon (origin not specified):


I had half of each filet with some steamed green beans and steamed broccoli:


Diggin’ in:


I have to say I have had better salmon than both of these filets. I am really glad that I made them at the same time because I may have overcooked them causing them not to be as juicy as it would normally be. They were equal in texture pretty much. I can’t say that they tasted much different, but I tended to like the wild salmon a bit more. It could be because it was thicker and would have been a bit juicier because of that.

So there you have it, a little Angie All The Way test kitchen ;-)

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