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Or Eat More Fat?

Posted by Shez B.

Eat less fat...or more of the good kinds of fat. Essential fats found in fish, avacodo, seeds, nuts and coconuts improve health and wellbeing. Recently I found that taking Evening Primrose oil, which is an essential fat has made my skin so much more soft and smooth.
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Kind of a tangential comment: I am not sure what it is but people are always telling me my skin is very soft. And I think my skin is about normal, since that's what I'm used to. I then wonder, are other people's skin the consistency of sandpaper or something? Maybe it's because I have naturally oily skin or something...I certainly don't take any essential fatty acid supplements or anything...
I don't know if this is 'scientifically' true, but I beleive that eating more good fats will decrease our cravings for bad fats. We know our bodies need some fat, so if we don't get it from good sources our bodies will seek it out any old place. What do you all think?
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