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Oprah Winfrey's Fatal Fat Loss Flaws

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:18pm 1 Comment
This morning as I was having breakfast I saw a copy of Women's Day that my girlfriend had brought home from her Mums to read.

There was a headline on the cover the caught my attention about Oprah Winfrey's latest diet plan and what she was doing.

That got me in.

I like to see what weight loss workouts the celebrities are doing these days and whether or not they are on the right track.

Unfortunately I feel for Oprah.

She is being led blindly by people who should know better.

Apparently her trainer, Bob Greene has Oprah doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise even though Oprah apparently "hates cardio" as quoted in the magazine and then trains a new body part each day.

She repeats this six days a week.

I don't blame you Oprah, I hate cardio too!

You know why? It bores the you know what out of me and it is pointless when it comes to fat loss results.

Other Fitness Experts are with me on this too. My friend and Turbulence Training creator Craig Ballantyne even has written a number one best seller on Amazon titled "Just Say No to Cardio".

This approach in this day and age is great - If you are a body builder.

Unfortunately, Oprah is after fat loss results, she doesn't want to compete in Miss Olympia contests.

So why is she training like it?

What should Oprah being doing?

First up she doesn't need cardio.

She needs interval training and she needs lots of it.

She needs to kick start her sluggish metabolism to prompt her body to burn the fat. Boring cardio is not going to make this happen, especially when you have a history of thyroid problems like she has.

Secondly, Oprah needs to be doing big training exercises that will encourage her body to burn body fat and fast.

What does that include? Squats, Deadlifts, Swings, Push Ups, Recline Rows you name it.

It doesn't matter that Oprah may be on the wrong side of 50. She doesn't have to train like it.

C'mon Oprah, I want you to succeed.

Seeing Oprah Winfrey succeed will be just what millions of women around the world need to see - If Oprah can, I can type of attitude.

So please, do us a favour and change your weight loss workouts Oprah. Unfortunately you are setting yourself up for failure training like this.

To be successful you just gotta train smart.

Over and out

Daniel Munday
Sydney Fat Loss Expert

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I think it really takes a great dare to be in the hot seat at the Oprah Winfrey and i simply feels that the guest can be screwed at any moment,the Oprah has the smart ability to twist the guest in his or her own contridictions,i use to watch it on the go,thanks to video sharing resources that made the entertainment accessable any time.
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