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Operation Wedding Gown

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:16pm
Okay guys, I plan on being back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Good News: my buddy Brookie brought my wedding gown back from Boston over the Easter weekend! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeel* I love it. It's beautiful. It makes me want to cry (good cry).

Bad Not Great News: When I ordered the dress last July, it was very snug (i.e. just fit), although the idea was that I would continue to be losing more weight, so if it was "wearable" although not so comfortable, I could still pull it off. It is a size 10 Petite (the thought of this blows my mind). So here I am now and the dress still fits the same. I haven't lost any more weight since then which also blow my mind because it's been forever!

Trade off: I have been exercising and there has been changes in my body comp, like my arms and shoulders, which influence big time how the dress looks on me, but not where it counts for how the dress fits. It's strapless and I can't change the size of my rib cage, of course. The plus side is that I don't have back fat which is a HUGE factor when wearing a corset style dress that is being pulled and tightened to fit and no one wants back fat bulging all over the place! Brookie (my designated wedding day lacer-upper) got me into it and it looks great and makes me look tres tres thin - thinner than I am - praise the corset and boning of the dress!

It's the comfort part that's bothering me. I want to be comfortable on my wedding day! I am going to be in that dress for 9 or 10 hours! The last thing we need is a Pirates of the Carribean situation where the bride passes out because she can't breathe in the corset!

My last 20 lbs that I want to lose will mostly fall off my hips and thighs which only partially contribute to this dress being tight. So all I can do is work my frikkin' butt off to lose it in the next 6 months. All I need is an extra inch around my belly to help the corset fit more comfortably and I will be happy. The great part about this is my MOH who is getting married one month before me (and which I am her MOH) is also in the same situation. She ordered her wedding dress a size too small to begin with and is determined to lose the weight. Me, I couldn't order a dress knowing that I couldn't wear it as it was, it would stress me out too much! But at least now we're both going to be able to encourage each other on the same level!

I am now announcing Operation Wedding Dress which is now in full swing!
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