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oooohhhhh I can hear my fat cells expanding... joyously saying "she DIDN'T forget us!!!" PARTYING ON MY BUTT...

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:34pm
Man. The Holidays. They are turning me into a WEIGHT LOSS DEVIL. Has anything major happened...? Not yet... I didn't realize how hard Christmas would be! I thought I had this in the bag, know what I mean? And no matter how much I think I have the "yeah, I gained 1.8 last week but it's okay" attitude (check 4 posts back)- gaining weight HURTS! And I thought I'd handle the holiday parties & treats just FINE until I started going to them and having my friends say "you HAVE to try the (insert any yummy thing you can imagine here)- they are SO good" and my willpower goes out the door. *sigh*

So I've come to a compromise with myself~ my goal through the holiday season is to maintain my current weight & then go forward from there. Maintain. MAINTAIN. Is that enough? I don't want to disappoint myself right now however I want to be realistic about what I'm up against. Does that make sense? I know that making compromises is a SLIPPERY SLOPE, however, and I don't want to come out on the other side having gained 20 pounds and wanting to beat myself up.

I've worked too hard and come so far.

So, Internet friends, I know you're out there. (I have a hit counter. I see you.) I need some support. If you have some advice, let's hear it.

How do you make it through the holidays? Christmas is coming... my birthday is 12/31... my anniversary is 1/3... I DON'T WANT TO FAIL.
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