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one step at a time

Posted by tia m.

i am new to this and i really hope i am posting the appropriate topics or items on the post page. i am getting the hang of this computer thing thru trial n error, heck i have a myspace secretary!! well if iam using these avenues wrong im sure someone will tell me. but , for the last four days i have been focoused on my physical activity and i must say i pat my back. it is so much better and a whole lot more fun with a work out buddy. sunday we did boot camp, monday we went swimming and i ran ten laps in the pool and i swam 3 straight, tuesday we went to the gym and killed it with cardio, and tonight the firm or hip hop abs will be my sweat booster. so i hope i can keep this up and get as serious about eating as i am about working out, those darn chocolate chip cookies just keep calling me! but with all the communities here im sure i will learn how to control my cravings. the best of luck to every body on their individual goals! one step at a time, we got to crawl before we walk and walk before we run!
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you can do it !!!

I think having a workout buddy is great. It inspires you to get up off the couch when someone is waiting for you. You're workout routine seems to be varied and looks like lots of fun. Keep up the good work!!

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