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One of Your Weight Loss Challenges is Deciding to Lose Weight

Posted Jul 11 2013 6:41am

“I’m going to lose weight.”

Is your decision to lose weight based on an analysis of the relative costs and benefits associated with losing your unwanted weight? Probably not. Or at least if you do base your decision on such analytical criteria, you might do so without being aware that this is what you are doing.

See if you can trace what made you decide to try to lose weight. Was it one thing? Was it a number of motivations? Was your decision to lose weight long and laborious, something you came to after lots of deliberation, soul searching, and painful wake-up experiences? Was it a snap decision, something that just came to you? Was most of the decision to lose weight unconscious and out of your awarenes?

It makes a difference how you came to the decision to lose weight because you will have to use the weight of your decision to help you adopt a new pattern of behavior and get rid of an old pattern of weight gaining behavior.


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