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One of Those Weekends

Posted Nov 05 2012 6:08pm
Well my 5k wasn't all I hoped it would be.  But with the temperture at 44 when we woke up I guess I really shouldn't have expected to much.  I was just happy a few people showed up at least.  There ended up being 11 of us.  It was still a nice walk and I got to chat with a few new folks I hadn't met before.  I actually think the one man could be our Maryland king this year since there aren't many men in TOPS.  It would be cool if he was :) I forgot to mention to him that IRD next year is in Calgary so wouldn't that be a cool trip for him and his wife since they are retired. 

After the 5k Mike and I did some grocery shopping and then we were home for a bit before Marie's afternoon soccer game, her last of the season.  It was so darn cold for her game we all felt sorry for us parents and the poor kids.  Afterwards it was the season party which was nice hearing all the things the coach had to say about his team.  I'm guessing marie will play again in the Spring and be on his team again.  They only lost 2 games this season so a very good one for all of them. 

Sunday Marie had her first basketball game.  It was the kick off tournament and was the varsity team.  She didn't get to play but about a minute but it was still cool she was asked to play.  Her first Jr Varsity game isn't till the end of the month and we will miss the first one since we'll be in Kentucky  for Thanksgiving. 

I didn't talk about it back in July as I had hoped by now it would be somewhat behind us but we will be heading to Kentucky with a cloud over our visit.  I feel bad for Mike's mom that it will be that way.  In July while our kids were visiting Mike's mom she took them down to Mike's brother's, the first night of that visit him and Nick got into it.  It was pretty bad and for Nick to text me and say all he did I knew it had to be really bad as Nick isn't one to make things worse than they are or make up stories or cry.  It didn't end there either, Mike's brother's anger continued to the next day and he ended up leaving his family 3 1/2 hours from home.  Thankfully there were enough family that had went that could bring his family back home.  Then the next day, on one of his daughter's birthday he had such a rage at his wife (throwing and breaking things) that everyone left.  Honestly I would have much preferred my kids not to have been a part of all his rage but we were in NY and not like we could go get them.  Plus I know Mike's mom wouldn't have let anything happen to them physically.  But still it was just a really bad situation for 3 days.

So since then Mike and his brother haven't spoke.  I'm almost hoping his brother won't come for Thankgiving and I won't have to be put in the spot of feeling like I need to speak up.  The fact of the matter is he's father to 3 girls and he is teaching his girls how to be abused before they are even grown.  I guess I wish I could calmly and caringly tell him how he is damaging them.  I don't want to fight with him and I definitely don't want to be verbally attacked by him (have been once before) but it's clear everyone walks on eggshells around this man and I don't understand where all his anger comes from or why everyone around him allows it to continue.  I feel angry at his wife too for allowing him to treat her and the children that way.  They have been apart time and time again yet she continues to go back and now they have a 1 1/2 yr old baby. 

Anyway, I'm kind of dreading the whole experience but yet I can't honestly be around this man and not want to speak up.  I'm kind of hoping Mike could talk to his brother privately some how and talk some sense in him.  I know his anger hasn't left as it's been years and years of it.  I'm sad that a visit I usually look forward to will be over shadowed with this. 

As for food, this weekend it wasn't good.  I found myself eating when not really hungry and eating stuff that left me unsatisfied.  Maybe it was feeling down about the 5k or maybe other things I've been opening back up emotionally for myself.  Regardless I promised myself today to eat well.  

I didn't make it to the gym this morning but hope to go tomorrow. Marie wasn't feeling well this morning but ended up going to school after she slept in a little so I got a late start. She's in bed now though so guessing she's still not feeling well.  Mike isn't either though so guessing Mike and the kids might be home tomorrow (Nick doesn't have school).

Till next time...
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