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One of Those Days…

Posted Jun 29 2013 10:06pm

Have you ever had “One of Those Days?” Well that is a silly question isn’t it? Of course you have! I have had them here and there… but normally I am pretty upbeat and ready to go! But the other day? OHHSSShhhh…

Sunday we came home from vacation. You know how “sad” that day can be. We were coming home from a really great time with the big kids “Up North” in Grand Marais. It was really great. (I will have pictures soon I hope!) But coming home? THAT was sad. We had dropped off the kids and were headed home and once we got into the city all around us we saw trees down and a lot of damage. There was a storm on Friday, we knew that… but THIS this was amazing. [We found out that there were over 800 trees down just on streets alone- not including property and parks etc. At one point there were over 650,000 people without power.]

So we pull up to our place and immediately see that there is a tree down… and immediately we both cry out! I hope that is not OUR tree! (The lovely huge old tree that shades our living room from direct sun, keeps us dry in the rain and allows us to keep the window open in a nice rain, and gives me hours of bird watching pleasure!) NO SAY IT ISN’T SO!! But yep, it was. It was OUR Tree. We both sat down on the bench in the back and had a very sad moment.

So we pulled ourself together, and grabbed a bunch of stuff from the car and headed inside… to TOTAL DARKNESS! WHAT? The hallways didn’t even have the emergency lighting on. What was this? So we get into our apartment… and nope. Nada. Nothing. Hot. Dark. Muggy. Did I say Dark? LOL

So we put that stuff down and went back outside where it was cooler and finally a gorgeous sunny day… and sat on the back patio for a few minutes. We decided that before we unpacked the rest of our stuff we should go next door for a drink to consider our options (hotel? stay home?) before we unpacked the rest of the stuff.

We walk into the bar next door. Usually it’s like Cheers in there… we walk in and the regular crowd sitting by the door gives us the “NORM” only they say “The NEWLYWEDS!” LOL But this time it was much more subdued… I stopped to talk to the bartender Marlo and My Guy kept on going to talk to one of the servers who was sitting there. Marlo said to me… “Hi! We haven’t seen you. Did you hear?” I was all like… yeah wild storms eh? How come you guys have power?” and she just looked all blank and said… “Chantal died.” WHAT?? HUH? WHAT?…. She died? Yes. They don’t know what happened but she passed away Friday night. Her mom found her. She was 24 years old.

WHAT? This day just got so bad. Chantal came to our wedding with the other three gals from the bar. She always had a smile on her face, a big hug for you and she loved that my husband would flirt with her and she loved us. She was studying for her masters degree in psychology and was a twin. What a tragedy. Only 24 years old. We ended up hanging out there much longer than expected to sit and talk to some of the other regulars.

So let’s tally this now…

THEN… I lost my wallet. Yes. I did. I didn’t really… but we didn’t know that… and since I had my gastric-bypass I am a total alcohol light weight so I was not very much help to my husband when we were trying to find it. SOMEHOW it got put into a box that was in the car that we unpacked. I looked in all the open bags- but never in the box.

So that caused just a tad bit of yelling… on my part. My poor husband is so patient and loving… I am all yelling at him… but I am the one who lost it… he is so good to me… LOL

So now the list…

So anyway… we spent the night at home rather than go to a hotel.. so in the AM we woke up and there was no hot water… UGH! I was cranky from the minute I started the day.

I cranked at every little thing My Guy said to me… We returned the rental car… and he was kind enough to offer to buy me breakfast… oh yeah did I mention that there was NO FOOD in the house because our fridge and EVERYTHING in it was GROSS and DEAD? So we had a nice breakfast but I was still cranky… I could not believe he even wanted my company at this point.

After breakfast I headed to my favorite coffee shop to try to pull myself together… and plan my day. I needed to update my drivers license to a MN one. [Yes. Yes. Yes. I know. I should have had it by now... but MN does not do reciprocal licensing and I need to take a test so I have put it off and off and off all this time!] I also had to call the insurance agent to find out if they would pay for all the food that went bad in our freezer (They will!), I needed to talk to my Dr to find out a few things, I had to get my nails done, my face threaded… and only one day left of my vacation! I was cranky and unhappy and not ready to go even think… let alone get my day going.

Thank Goodness for friends. My friend Cheryl was so kind. She knew the night before had been rough… so she offered to come meet me there and sit with me a bit. I got a bunch done and then we chatted and hung out a bit. It helped. My day got a MUCH later start but it was so nice. It helped straighten me out a bit. She offered to have her husband drop me off at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

So we headed out. [You know I have avoided this for so many years because I did NOT want to take the dang test- but I needed to have my new name changed for ID purposes AND we tried to get my fishing license this past weekend and I could not because of my license.. it is time.] I get there- take my number… wait 25 minutes only to find out that I do not have all the ID I need. Apparently my NYS Drivers license, my SS Card, my name change (certified copy of the judgement) are all not enough. Had I had my Passport or my birth certificate… I would have been in business. I was so nervous about taking the test when I walked up there… I was shaking… then to not be able to take it… and after that kind of day… I was in tears almost when I left! UGH!

I took the bus home- even though the Dr’s office was one block away and I could have just stopped in to find out what I needed to find out. I just figured they would call me and I just could not deal with anything new right then. Got downtown… MISSED my BUS home! So I had to wait 45 minutes…

The good news? When I finally got home… the power was back on!! [Except if it had NOT been back on, we would have stayed at a hotel that night by the Mall of America and I could have finished the last of my errands that I had to do there! LOL]

I went BACK downtown… in the rain- forgot an umbrella. I did get my nails done and when My Guy was finished with work we met for a drink and tried to decide what to eat. Since there was nothing in the fridge because of the power being out for 4 days! We had out drink. decided on Jimmy John’s and catching the next bus. We missed the bus! LOL Walked half-way home and caught the next one.

Geesh!!!!! At least once we got home- we got the whole fridge freezer cleaned out, unpacked and organized everything and still had time to hang out and watch an episode of Babylon 5 together.

OK so I know… it’s not that exciting maybe… but it sucked for me…

Yeah… lucky 13! LOL

Well at least I got to sleep in the cool air next to the man I love, in an unpacked house…

I don’t have days like this often… I am not going to complain. [MUCH!]

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