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One of the Weight-Loss Challenges is Being Labeled

Posted May 15 2013 5:00am

Labels. They can be so utterly defining and influential.

Have you been labeled? Everyone gets labeled. You probably label yourself as well.

What’s your weight label? Is it helpful or hurtful? Did you dream it up or was it given to you? Pleasingly plump. Awfully fat. A little overweight. Hefty. A big woman.

Have you or someone else labeled your capability for losing excess weight? If so what was the label? Was it helpful like “you are a quick learner” or “you’ve got what it takes?” Were you given or did you give yourself a hurtful and burdensome label like “you’re too unmotivated” or “you never take anything seriously?” 

How true are these labels? That’s the first thing to check out. Are you and others treating your behavior as if is the result of immutable personality traits? If so, be careful. A personality trait may itself be merely a label for ways you’ve been acting, and unless you or someone else has sampled you acting in lots of different situations, the trait or label may not be accurate.

Take dieting and exercise to lose weight for example. You know you are a hard worker, precise, neat, and highly motivated when it comes to doing your job both at the office and around the house. When it comes to exercise and dieting, you may be a whole different story. The you who you and others see on the dieting and exercise fronts is not the you who there is to see elsewhere.

Labels. They can be so utterly defining and influential; and they can be wrong if they do not fit who you are in different situations.


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