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One Mind, One Focus, One Goal....TO MAKE IT!

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hey blog readers! Wanted to come on and write everyone this morning while I had a few extra minutes.

This past week has come and gone, actually flying by, and I have to say I am feelingrrrrreat!

I have had tons of energy, I have been in a fantastic mood, and really focused on getting to the end of this thing once and for all! There is only 31 days left for this strict part of this transformation before we will reveal to everyone my very last photos! (At least the last photos on here and facebook, until January 1st edition in the Ottawa Sun)Are you getting excited yet?? I know I am.

Today I will be taking my 11month anniversary that Rob and I can compare amongst each other, and see the differences from last month...and then... that's it more to go!

Man, that's so weird...I have come so far! Cannot believe we are really nearing the end.

I have one thing to say though to mention to everyone. Something that is considered natural that just helped me have really pumpin' workouts concerning my weight training!

I am a totally decaf girl. Like TOTALLY. Always had decaf coffee/tea for quite some time now. I even cut out the actually diet pepsi that I used to once enjoy, and now have diet sprite or 7up because I just seem to be enjoying that drink better as far as pop, and I find it more refreshing where Pepsi..I don't know leaves me feeling different. So that is my drink of choice these days when I do have them once a day usually at supper. And not sure if you are aware of this, but drinks like sprite, and 7up and I believe orange crush there is NO caffeine in those drinks compared to the pepsi's etc...just thought I would mention that. My mom always told me that in the past and I never knew that!

Anyways, as I was saying, so...I decided last week before my weight training on MONDAY, to have a large REGULAR coffee..which means caffeine. And you know has done wonders for the week that just passed.

I walked in that gym everytime right after having it...and I was so pumped and ready to tackle my weight training...and I left the gym everytime afterwards when done, just feeling absolutely AMAZING! Maybe because it helped me push my body even harder.

My leg muscles are still hurting since Thursday's leg routine! Which is weird because I have been doing that same routine for about at least a month now, and my legs never hurt. So guaranteed I worked them harder this week..more than usual..and probably did lower squating etc...

But again, I just feel wonderful. happy...focused..and ready to get through this last month and to pass with flying colours.

Funny thing too...Not sure if you all notice this, but when you are in a slump or in a bad mood..seems like everyone is around you too.

But this week because I was in a good mood, just seemed like people are smiling at you alot more on the streets or in stores as they pass you by. You bring your positive energy to work so then it gets passed on to your coworkers, you find yourself saying goodmorning to everyone, and really mean it..and there is just a certain positive energy in the air! It's so nice when this happens. If only as people we knew how to keep that going the world would be such a happier place to live in instead of living as grumps!:-)

Well, I am going to try and stay positive for the rest of this. I am trying to mentally focus on getting the best weight training routines in, and best cardio..and most importantly to do this without getting exhausted. My body has to work hard now more than ever, but I am not going to over do it either. What would be the good in that right....if i were to end up being burnt out.

anyways, have a wonderful long lots of low fat turkey..try and skip the gravy if you for me it will just be another thanksgiving with just turkey and lots and lots and lots of salad...oh and of course my quinoa as a potatoes are going into this mouth, or stomach. I will be once again Potatoe free once again for this thanksgiving...
And when those yummy deserts come around..i will just be thinking...almost there Rosy, this is a piece of "cake"
something I plan on having at the end with lots and lots of Fudge!
cheers !

Take care friends!
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