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One day at a time, Searching for Motivation

Posted Apr 01 2010 12:00am
Back in the saddle again.

Just got an email from J, my running/cycle buddy, and we've decided to go for a 5k fun-run in 10 weeks, May sometime. We could probably go for the 10k, but we decided to not push too hard and burn out like last time (November, right before my 10 lb gain).

I'm back into taking it one day at a time. Looking at my week ahead and planning X amount of minutes of cardio/weights, it's been way too frustrating and intimidating for just starting again, I think. 40-60 minutes a day is where my mind is, and so far so good. it's only Day 2 of "back on track" though :) When I'm caught up with laundry (tomorrow's the plan) I can finally do a day trip to GL (my gym)! Seeing that money disappear from my bank account last night really made me mad at myself for not taking full advantage of my membership.

But it is also spring break - except it's not spring here. It's autumn. The kids are home from school for 10 full days, and I actually had the pleasure of taking my children to How To Train Your Dragon, which was a way cute movie. 3D was cool too. It's the first movie I've seen in a theatre for over a year, and the third in the last 3 or 4 years!!! How sad. I used to see all the new ones and had a hard time finding rentals that I hadn't seen before. Now we don't even rent. *sigh* I miss watching movies! But honestly, was $52 for a family of four worth it? Not really. Once or twice a year I guess.

I'm back up to 154 lbs. I am pretty down on myself when I step on the scale, so I am putting it away for this week. Even though it's lighter than I was two years ago, I was down to 142 at the end of last year. All I can do now is chase that number like I really want it. Problem is I don't have a reason other than "I want to look better in the mirror and in my clothes" and "Inspiring other people" - for the attention really, I guess. That's a crappy reason! I was trying to lose it for my sister's wedding this June, which is now postponed for another year. MOTIVATION.... I'm doing a little soul searching & I'll tell you what turns up.
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