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One Awkward Bathroom Encounter

Posted Feb 06 2013 8:32pm


Before I say anything, I'd just like everyone to stop and look at what the most popular search terms on Urban Dictionary  are. I can't decide what's more amusing -- the obvious, "whiskey dick," or the more subtle "What the actual fuck?" I am pretty curious what a "McGill" is. 

Never mind, I looked. It bored me.

But in any case, homies, I have kind of a girl crush. You see, there I was, in the office bathroom, washing my hands, when a girl walked up to wash her hands as well... She was tall and very skinny with very short, dark hair. She was pale with rosy cheeks and dressed in the most stylish ensemble. A dark, sleek pencil skirt and a sweater a shade lighter. She wasn't wearing any jewelry. Barely any makeup. And I watched her out of the corner of my eye and so badly wanted to be her friend.

I also wanted to look that good in a pencil skirt.

In any case, I'm sure she thought I was checking her out and maybe a little creepy. Which is fine, because I thought I was pretty creepy, too.


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