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On the Run!

Posted Apr 18 2013 10:07pm

Whoo hooo! I can run… well maybe I should clarify that with- I can hobble! LOL

Last time I ran with My Guy I asked him to watch me run. I know that I FEEL like I run and look like IGOR- so I asked him to confirm or deny that “gut feeling.”

He confirmed it! LOL He said I kind of lilt to the left! Actually he also told me it wasn’t so bad at the beginning of my run but it was much more pronounced at the end when I was more tired.

Well there ya go! Hey- who cares! At least I can run! AND my knees actually feel better after. Not IMMEDIATELY after- God Forbid! But the next day? It all feels better and smoother and going down stairs doesn’t kill me. (Up is a different story- but we’re talking about progress here!)

In the end I also just enjoyed the sunshine. It was the first day in a full week that we had any sunshine… (and today it is SNOWING 2-4 inches expected!) so I wanted to get out and at least enjoy it as much as I could! I hate being cooped up in the house because of the weather. Can’t wait to break out the bike and enjoy!!

So there ya have it! I am only going 1-2 miles, 2-3 times a week- but at least I am making it out there and my knee is hanging in there! FINALLY!!!


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