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On plan weekend

Posted Mar 08 2009 3:52pm
I really ate well this weekend! Well.... I still have to get through this evening, but I have a snack all planned out.
Weekends really are hard, which is funny since I work from home - you would think that weekends aren't any different than the rest of the week!

I took today off from exercising as part of my plan. Although I did go and stroll for about 25 minutes to enjoy the nice weather today. No hardcore cardio. Rest days really are difficult! Not sure why, but I have that urge to exercise. I guess I could have worse problems than that LOL!

I was doing some reading, and did you know that by federal law, calorie counts are allowed to have a 20% window of variance on them and still be considered accurate? I got thinking about that with energy bars. How do they make all flavors of Larabars or Balance bars have the same amount of calories? Well, they probably aren't quite.
And on top of that, there is a 10% margin of error allowed - so your item could potentially be 30% higher in calories than you think. Cause do you think the company is going to put the higher variance on the label or the lower? Hmmmmmm? Just some food for thought.
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