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OK, so I have been prolonging getting on my blog to post my weight...

Posted Oct 25 2008 4:50pm
Hey Friends. I know I know...I am a little late. Its now 8:12 p.m. on Monday and here I am coming on to actually type in my weight:-(

I had time today to do it, as I was off work, but I just couldn't find it in me to face the music of the disaster I had made over the weekend which in return killed any numbers that I might have been able to reach today otherwise.

My trainer says not to worry its just water and other stuff(big words)...and it will go like every other time, but honestly....when I was 139 last time...I was hoping to be 136 by today (Monday)...and now....I am facing...
143lbs AGAIN!!
Almost like a nightmare or a dejavu:-)

there I wrote it ...143lbs today.

And that's not the worst part. Today was a really hard day for me. Alot of my cravings were back full force that I had to get through. I felt really EXTRA hungry perhaps cause of me expanding my stomach with all the junk I ate for a few days...and its been just all around hard!
Man....why me. lol

But I did get through it, and yesturday as well..both days I ace' hopefully it will just get easier from this point on.

When I talked to my trainer today, I just asked i guess we can't make it anymore eh? But, surprisingly he really thinks we still can! Wow I thought..but he did mention that I CANNOT cheat at ALL now until the end..nothing..niente..nada!
Talk about toughness.

Well, I did it to myself. Cannot go blaming anyone else but me. more cheats..just workouts and the eating plan that's been assigned to me..without Rosy making up her own rules when she feels like it. lol

Anyways friends other than that not much more to report. I am hoping that my body will get rid of those numbers i can be back in the 130's where I really belong not back up to the 140's..what is that...I could really slap myself right now for doing that.

But, then again talking to Grazie, a good friend of mine today, she did remind me that this is how its going to be though. Once November 11 th does come, and go....its not over at all....its about maintenance and basically i will go up and down all the time. So...I suppose that is going to be another toughy stage to deal with, and something I better understand now.

But I better not play with that part anymore for the next 5 weeks..lots of time to get fraustrated on that particular subject later on;-)

Talk soon
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